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  Datavideo HDR-60 (desktop)   HDR 70 (rack mount)

dv40          HVR 50


The DataVideo HDR Series HDD Recorders for SD/HD-SDI with Removable Drive Bay are available in either rack ount or field units. It records NTSC, PAL, and HD video signals and features an SD/HD-SDI input and two mini-XLR recording to 2.5" form factor HDD or SSDs in a removable drive caddy. The HDR-Series features selectable color sampling ratio and data rate settings. This compact unit features a small footprint and is made from painted aluminum for strength. The front panel buttons provide you local tape deck like control of the unit, with built-in led audio level meters. The HDR series also includes a 320GB HDD and two drive enclosures.

The drive enclosures support available drives (both HDD and SSD) up to 500GB and once removed from the unit the enclosures can be connected directly to a computer via the built-in USB 2.0 or eSATA interface for off loading or editing directly from the drive.  The unit writes to the NTFS file format system, which makes the drive readable by both Mac and Windows systems and avoids the 4GB file size limitation of FAT32 systems. For remote control, they feature a 9-pin connector that allows control by RS-232 or RS-422. The unit is powered by 12 volts DC, and the connector features a locking collar so the power isn't unplugged accidentally.

HDR-60 / HDR- 700   Video Support

NTSC and PAL video and HD video including 1080p, 1080i, and 720p.
Reference in/out Black Burst and Tri-level sync.
Timecode input/outputs, and gen-lock input and pass-through.
SD/HD-SDI input, with SD/HD-SDI outputs with 8-channels of embedded audio.
The HDMI output uses a full sized connector and features 4 channels of embedded audio. There is also a nifty cable tie platform under the HDMI connector that you can use to secure the HDMI connector to the unit with available cable ties.
The front panel features local control buttons and a built-in headphone jack with volume knob.


LCD menu screen.
Two drive enclosures and one 320GB HDD are included with the unit. With the included drive you can begin to use your unit immediately, and once you acquire a second HDD you can swap the enclosures as needed.
Lockable drive bay.
Time lapse recording function.
Power on Record and Play functions.
Media files are made on the fly, with no rendering required.
In the event of accidental power loss you only lose the last two seconds of your recording.

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