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 ChaseCam DIVA



Highly portable H.264 digital Recorder.
Uses standard SDHC cards for hours of record time
Built-in video monitor and speaker


Finally, get the data and the video automatically synced up in an easy, single box solution.  Our SD recorder allows real-time data overlay* and multiple camera views in a single box solution. Our HD recorder creates perfectly synced video and data. The DIVA.  The world’s best video quality in any combined video and data recorder. Plug and play.  With an amazing list of features. All features are subject to change as we continue development. 

New user interface:

Full widescreen (16:9) color LCD to display video

Simplified camera aiming!  Easily aim the camera while looking at the LCD.

Instantly verify and play back video.  Now with sound.

On board speaker for playback.

Real time video feed to LCD screen or to an external device or dash.

Easier and more consistent menu structure

Remote triggers (momentary or constant)or single push button.

Control via serial data interfaces

PC set up application*

Update firmware via a simple file download and using the SD Card



New compression using H.264 for improved quality

The highest quality SD video on the market

Able to create 16:9 video with NTSC and PAL and natively 16:9 with HD.

User settable camera views for SD.

Easily toggle in real time between your preset camera views or the factory default preset viewsfor SD

Can automatically handle PAL and NTSC formats(SD)

Video output for external devices

Can overlay video in real time with data*for SD.

Can insert a user supplied image onto the video, such as a logo, in real time*for SD.



On board high quality microphone, keeps the microphone out of the wind!

User adjustable sensitivity

Can use external stereo microphone, easily plug in and automatically switches over.

Can use external stereo driver communicationOn board mixing for internal microphone and external audio feed

On board speaker for playback

Sound outputs for external devices



Can overlay data onto video in real time for SD.  No post process needed*

Can collect all data for later analysis and manipulation.

Can overlay data and collect at the same time(SD)

Serial RS-232 interface

CAN Bus interface (2)

RPM input

0-5V sensor input

High resolution

GPS+/- 16G high accuracy accelerometer, 3 axis (allows any orientation of the unit)

Interfaces to many data acquisition and ECUs and more in development

Automatic interface to DashWare application for instant custom gauge overlays.


New improved power supply.  

6-28Volt input range.  The widest range on the market.

Built in back up power to handle power loss or drops without corrupting video or data

Built in back up power allows the user to turn on the car and not lose video

Improved power filtering can handle very noisy power and provide a clean camera feed.

Improved noise emissions

Intelligent power features to automatically turn on and off the unit.  

Able to feed power to 4 separate video cameras and external devices

Built in surge protection

Can run off external battery pack



Same size as existing ChaseCam PDR100.

Less than one pound.

Less than one amp in current draw (with one camera) using 12V DC

Field upgradable with a simple download

Auto Record based on triggers such as speed or Gforces, totally hands free

Status outputs via serial port

Can collect and overlay lap times, time/date, frames and more*for SD

Can record based on “events”.  

Can pre-record continuously.

Can recycle record, which allows continuous recording

Rugged anodized aluminum case with protective rubber bumpers

Locking camera connector. Single circular connector for up to 4 cameras.

Locking data and remote connectorsLocking power connector

Status LEDs on the front indicate pause, record, power, trigger armed, GPS signal, and more

Single button on front for easy manual control (if not using hands free setting)

Easily locks into an innovate mounting bracket.  

Easily transferred from car to car.

The industries highest quality and most versatile camera mounts

Records onto industry standard HC SD Cards, up to 32 gigabytes capacity to record many hours of video and data.

4 gigabyte max file size, can record consecutive 4 gigabyte files

User settable compression rates: SuperFine: 4 Mbits/sec (35 minutes per GByte); Fine: 3 Mbits/sec (47 min/GB); Normal: 2 Mbits/sec (70 min/GB) 

Full 720x480 (NTSC) @ 30fps and 720x576 (PAL)for SD.  720p 60fsp for HD

LAN-C connection

Able to be upgraded to High Definition 720p DIVA!




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